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Info on our Abrasive Blasting…

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Here at Arkote, surface preparation is regarded as an essential step in the coating systems. This is why we have a dedicated enclosed and dust controlled blast chamber designed to easily handle a variety of shapes and sizes lengths of  up to 10 metres and widths of 3 metres. Larger items can also be processed, but they take further planning.

Abrasive Blasting is a process used to prepare the surface by creating a profile enabling the coating to bond. At Arkote we can conduct;

  • High pressure blasting to achieve profiles suitable for industrial work
  • Medium pressure to minimise damage to hot dip galvanised coatings
  • Ultra low pressure on thin panels and delicate substrates
  • and we specialise in non ferrous substrates like stainless steel and copper


Any blasting carried out by Us is in accordance with the Australian standard by our qualified operators to meet your requirements.

  • AS 1627.4

Need your abrasive blasting done in a hurry? We can do afternoon shift to get your work done within your required timeline.

Contact us on (08) 8276 8811 for your surface treatment requirements or for more information.

When it Really Counts…

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Because Arkote is all about quality. Its what we do.

We are committed to deliver quality on all our projects. We currently have management systems that comply to ISO 9001 2008 and are in the process of implementing to conform with  ISO 9001 2015.
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With many years experience in the surface coating application industry and years of exposure to automotive disciplines, Arkote has the experience and is in the  premier position for delivering quality surface finishing services. Every time.

Arkote is also an approved supplier and have 2nd party accreditation to many defence companies such as;

  • Australian Submarine Corporation
  • BAE Systems Australia
  • General Dynamics Land Systems Australia

We also offer 5-25 year warranties on some projects for peace of mind for builders and facility owners.

… “if you need a guarantee, we’re on it” …

Arkote’s Hot Metal Spray Coatings

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Also known as Thermal spray, Metal Spray or Flame spraying…

Hot metal spraying is a genuine solution to difficult corrosion and abrasion resistant situations in the architectural, mining and defence industries.thermal spray
Metal spraying is the process of spraying at high speed, molten metal droplets onto a prepared surface to create a solid layer of either pure or alloy of metal. Metal Spray is typically used for the following type of applications …

  • Structural Steel etc – as an alternative to hot dip galvanising on very large articles.
  •  Balustrades – architectural type metalwork that may be buckled or warped due to the hot dip galvanising process
  • Exhaust Stacks – where resistance to high temperatures is required.
  • Low Maintenance – where very high performance corrosion protection is required

Arkote has a dedicated hot metal spray equipment and skilled operators to ensure industry leading & high quality, coating application.

Various metals and or alloys can be used and Arkote has the knowledge and experience to metallise with zinc, aluminium, zincalum, copper and nickel etc.

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All thermal spray coatings undertaken by Arkote are of outstanding quality and are applied to comply with various standards, BS 2569.1 being a typical type of standard.

So make Arkote your first call next time your job requires hot metal spraying…