Arkote Surface Excellence| Coatings Solution For Agricultural Equipment

Agricultural equipment manufacturers take pride in the appearance and performance of their machines. Arkote understands and complements this pride with our powder coatings that keep your machines looking great season after season!

For customers who are concerned about the wear and tear of agriculture equipment, Arkote is the answer. Whether you are manufacturing tractors, rollers or spreaders, Arkote offers a cutting-edge agricultural coating solution!

Our exceptional agricultural coating solutions are aimed to address various abuses which your machines might face such as:

  • Chipping;
  • Stains;
  • Chemical attacks;
  • Corrosion;
  • Warping and temperature fluctuations. 
With more than 40 years of experience, our substrate technology is designed to meet customer corrosion resistance requirements and our vast portfolio of powder and pre-treatment technologies have been developed to exceed highly demanding agricultural expectations.
“We’re constantly evolving our services and processes.” – Arkote Surface Excellence.

With Arkote area – large oven capabilities, we bring more availability to you!

Our technologies are engineered to deliver following benefits:

  • Compliance with OEM specifications;
  • Anti-Corrosive products offering protection against various abuses;
  • Quick colour and gloss customization;
  • Our products are designed increase the efficiency of production on the farm, by resisting heavy abuse outstandingly with minimal damage;
  • Our products help improve agriculture machine quality.

Arkote is accredited to give a Steelplex warranty system for 5 and 10 years for steel applications for corrosion protection, colour retention and film integrity.


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