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Info on our Abrasive Blasting…

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Here at Arkote, surface preparation is regarded as an essential step in the coating systems. This is why we have a dedicated enclosed and dust controlled blast chamber designed to easily handle a variety of shapes and sizes lengths of  up to 10 metres and widths of 3 metres. Larger items can also be processed, but they take further planning.

Abrasive Blasting is a process used to prepare the surface by creating a profile enabling the coating to bond. At Arkote we can conduct;

  • High pressure blasting to achieve profiles suitable for industrial work
  • Medium pressure to minimise damage to hot dip galvanised coatings
  • Ultra low pressure on thin panels and delicate substrates
  • and we specialise in non ferrous substrates like stainless steel and copper


Any blasting carried out by Us is in accordance with the Australian standard by our qualified operators to meet your requirements.

  • AS 1627.4

Need your abrasive blasting done in a hurry? We can do afternoon shift to get your work done within your required timeline.

Contact us on (08) 8276 8811 for your surface treatment requirements or for more information.

Akote at Flemington!

With Melbourne Cup day right around the corner, we thought we should let you know what part Arkote has played over the years!

Did you know that Arkote was a part of the world first 25 Stall Starting gate that features on Melbourne Cup day?  Before the monster starting gate was created, Flemington Racecourse had to use two separate starting gates to cater for the vast number of horses in particular races, mainly the race that stops the nation – Melbourne Cup Day, causing a two metre gap in-between and an unfair disadvantage for horses in two of the gates. But now that isn’t a worry, as the 24.5 meter long starting gate was first used on the 150th race anniversary back in 2011! And we might add, still looking as beautiful as ever in a slick white powder coat – even if we do say so ourselves.


A more recent display of Arkote’s quality work can be seen on the new replica of the famous Flemington Clock Tower! The original clock tower sat just off the outside rail at around the 150 meter mark, and was installed at Flemington in the late 1930s, wanting to keep strong tradition; the new clock tower sits in the exact same position, as the structure is considered to be a landmark in Australian racing folklore. In a modern Black powder, it is sure to be admired on next week’s big day.


Just a few more iconic structures that Arkote has stamped with our hallmarks of quality, and a few more structures to add to your list so that you can say “hey! I know who coated that, Arkote!” – it’s clear to see that Arkote’s reputation doesn’t stop at the boarders of South Australia, so if you want the best quality Surface Applications in Australia, make sure to call on the experts in the field, Arkote!


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Blast From The Past !

Take a look at these oldies!

  flash back blog

It is amazing what you find when you are de-cluttering!

blast from the past blog

And yes, that is the current Arkote site, but 21 years ago! Here is a more recent photo, have a look at how far we have come!


A sad goodbye, and a warm welcome!

This week we have had to say a sad good bye to Mr Claret Satin.

In his absense, and an empy fish bowl, the Arkote team felt empty, so we needed to patch up the hole that Mr S left when he passed away.

And so, we would like to introduce to you, Mrs Palladium.


Free Staff Lunch Friday at Arkote!

Crispy  Chricken Taco's

So today was the monthly free lunch for all staff and a quick re-cap offered by Shaun!

It’s been a very debatable lunch.. We have found that everyone makes “tacos” a different way!

Never the less, lunch was made, had and enjoyed by all!

Deryck Showing off his good side!

Deryck is the newest addition to our customer service team!
As our new Business Development Manager Deryck is keen to get to know all of our valued customers and if you would like to meet Deryck and discuss any of your surface coating requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us via email or phone and we will arrange a visit for you.